Welcome to KATRAN.

This is the Story of Nirrod, an almost normal 14 year old boy.
He is living with his Family and his clan in a big village in the north of Katran.
Nirrod is living his life well protected and without sorrows in the lap of his clan.
He is playing with other kids, playing pranks....a normal life.
But all of this is going to change....

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Something is not right.

ok... I think it's now official... I have an art blockade.
I never thought I would experience this.

I need a little bit more time. 

posted by -JoKeR- @ 29th Sep 2022, 12:26 AM   2 comments

NOW with a Shop!

ko-fi.com/katran/shop  ...right now is there just one item but I'll add more later.

And when you just want support an artist in need ...for a coffee. ko-fi.com/katran

posted by -JoKeR- @ 22nd Oct 2020, 4:43 AM   0 comments

It's the start of a new month and Top-Web-Comic want's you to vote!!

No ...not me... I'm just a humble comic artist who would really apriciate it if you could vote here.
C'mon, don't be shy.

Thank you.

posted by -JoKeR- @ 1st Mar 2020, 6:37 PM   0 comments


It will take a little bit longer until I have every page, till the latest, uploaded.

Please take a seat, get some snacks until it's done.

posted by -JoKeR- @ 25th Nov 2019, 4:20 AM   0 comments

This is a new beginning on a new Host.

This is now ComicFury.
One of the very last comic hoster which allowes for custom content.
This page isn't finished some little errors are still there ...but this will only get better from now on.


Exploring Comics - Review about Katran

posted by -JoKeR- @ 23rd Nov 2019, 2:03 AM   2 comments

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